Microfinance CEO Working Group: 2014 Strategic Plan

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The Microfinance CEO Working Group is pleased to share its strategic plan for 2014. At this moment, microfinance has an opportunity to build on past successes and learn from and respond to the challenges it faces in order to be a more responsive and responsible industry. By taking sincere and systematic action together, we believe we can build more successful financial institutions that help change the lives of the people we serve. We are committed to doing that within our own institutions, but also aspire to influencing the entire sector. We have and will continue to build strategic relationships with other stakeholders, including investors, donors, networks, standard setting initiatives, and providers. We will also continue to seek out exciting new advances in the industry and speak out against unfair microfinance practices or distortions. We hope we can count on your solidarity with us in these efforts.

Click here to download the the PDF.

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