Member Stories

Member Stories

Daw Thein Thein Win, Accion

Thanks to her loan from DAWN, an Accion partner in Myanmar, tea shop owner Daw Thein Thein Win no longer needs to rely on high-interest moneylenders for financing. Instead, she can now buy milk and other supplies from the wholesale market and still have enough money left over to set something aside for her children’s education.

Photo credit: John Rae

Ruth Monger, BRAC

BRAC client Ruth Monger is a group leader of her village organization, a women’s group based in Jacobtown, Liberia — an area that was hit hard by the Ebola crisis of 2014. Ruth was a key source of support for her group during and after the crisis, even helping other members to make payments when they were unable to do so.

Photo credit: Emily Coppel

Mussa Kisepo, Care

After his group’s lock box was stolen violently from his home in Tanzania, CARE savings group member Mussa Kisepo convinced the other members to open a group bank account and deposit their savings after each meeting to ensure the security of their money. As treasurer, Mussa and his wife Mwanaidi now have peace of mind that their savings will not be stolen, and that their household is safe from the threat of robbery. The couple also has a joint account at the same bank to save the income they earn from their small business.

Julia Maria Ixchop Us De Ventura, FINCA

With help from a series of loans from FINCA, Julia Maria Ixchop Us De Ventura grew her street-based food business into a thriving restaurant inside a Guatemalan market. The income from the business has helped her and her husband pay their children’s school fees, renovate their home, and support their aging parents.

Agapito Amador, Opportunity International

Agapito Amador, a yucca farmer from Nicaragua, worked with an Opportunity International agronomist to learn new farming techniques, significantly increasing his yield. As an Opportunity International client, he was also connected to a processing plant that helped him utilize his entire harvest.

Grace Graka, VisionFund International

VisionFund International client Grace Graka began with a loan to purchase 100 chickens and now owns a 31-bedroom hotel. She has also given back to her community in Zambia by funding a women’s ward at the hospital and building girls’ dormitories for a school.

Haifaa Tyre, Women’s World Banking

For Haifaa Tyre, the empty lot next to her home in Lebanon presented an opportunity to improve her family’s living circumstances. The loan she received from Women’s World Banking network member Al Majmoua helped her expand her vegetable growing business, which enabled her to afford university tuition fees for two of her children and build three extra rooms above her house.