Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Mission – The PRFI commits to: Accelerate financial inclusion by leveraging our joint expertise in the advocacy and delivery of innovative, scalable, and responsible financial services for poor and low income clients.

Vision – A financially inclusive world, responsibly delivered.


— In 2013, the CEOs publicly endorsed the Smart Campaign Certification.

— In 2013, the PRFI leveraged its global footprint to support industry standards for social performance by beta testing the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) Universal Standards for Social Performance Management the first large-scale review of the finalized standards — gathering inputs from 21 local partners.

— In 2015, the PRFI, in partnership with the Smart Campaign and the legal teams of Accion and DLA Piper, published the Model Legal Framework for Financial Consumer Protection (MLF). The MLF has been disseminated to more than 560 financial inclusion stakeholders worldwide, including more than 200 regulators and bank supervisors. In 2016, the Task Force participated in 12 events across seven countries, training more than 270 financial inclusion stakeholders, including more than 100 regulators and bank supervisors, on the MLF and the Smart Campaign’s underlying Client Protection Principles.

— In January 2016, using the convening power of the PRFI, the CEOs in partnership with BRAC hosted a roundtable meeting in Dhaka with a select group of microfinance practitioners, banking executives and regulators who joined the CEOs for a candid, productive conversation on the challenges and opportunities ahead for Bangladesh’s financial inclusion sector.


— In 2016 the PRFI became a hosting partner of the Month of Microfinance, a grassroots movement focused on client-centered microfinance. This partnership is directed and managed by the Microfinance Communications Council (MCC). Joint efforts under this campaign include hosting panels for MF practitioners and other interested stakeholders.



— As of December 31, 2016

  • 74 local partners have conducted a SPI4
  • 77 local partners have conducted a Social Rating (SR) or Microfinance Institutional Rating (MIR)
  • 103 unique local partners have conducted a SR/MIR and/or a SPI4

— In January 2017, the PRFI, in collaboration with the Association of Microfinance Institutions Uganda (AMFIU) and the Smart Campaign, hosted Committing to Action: Accelerating Financial Inclusion through Partnership, a two-day meeting in Kampala, Uganda, which gathered more than 100 of the country’s financial inclusion stakeholders and experts.


— As of July 2017, 45 PRFI local partners have received Smart Certification, reaching 25.9 million clients. MCWG local partners represent 52% of all Smart Certified entities and 68% of all clients reached via a certification.


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